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As per the American Optometric Associations’ (AOA) Eye-Q® Survey 2020, about all Americans take their eye health seriously and give it as much importance as they give to their heart health. But on the contrary, nearly 50% of them, aged between 25 to 35, don’t give importance to comprehensive eye exam if their vision is clear. An eye exam is a comprehensive diagnosis process that is more than merely a vision test. In fact, it helps an optometrist to detect some early symptoms and indications of more than 250 general and chronic health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. Instead of x-ray and CT scan, many doctors ask for an eye exam to examine the blood vessels behind the eye.


Since you will hardly experience any symptoms or see any obvious signs for several vision problems, the only way to actually keep the problems at bay is by seeing an optometrist for a comprehensive eye checkup—search “eye doctor near me” on the internet, and you will find who you are looking for. Express Vision Care offers the best quality of services served by our experienced and skilled opticians. Our doctors go through the complete health and family history to detect the root causes that might affect your vision. They take you through some preliminary tests like depth perception, color vision, eye muscle movements, peripheral or side vision, and others to check if there is any early symptom.

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No matter what kind of eye care services you are looking for, our experienced doctors of optometry are always available to take care of your eyes. Our experienced doctors extend more than 25 years of combined experience to examine an eye disorder, and to check if you need corrective lenses. Our skilled optometrists in North Miami are just a call away—just visit us online and schedule an appointment today.

Make sure a comprehensive eye examination is a part of your routine health review—after all, it also helps you to take care of your overall health.

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