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If you need emergency eye care, don’t delay consulting an optometrist near you. We at Express Vision Care are available to offer you urgent eye care services to treat red eyes or other bacterial infections. We have a state-of-the-art facility and advanced diagnostic equipment to treat the symptoms that need emergency eye care services. The symptoms include red eyes, bacterial infection, foreign substances stuck in the eyes, itchy or irritated eyes, and others. Our experienced eye doctors in North Miami will offer you immediate care to mitigate the possibility of any additional complications.



A foreign object in the eye can lead to many problems if it is left untreated. It may be anything—right from a small particle to a metal shard. When it enters the eyes, it can lead to infection or can damage your vision. Most of the foreign objects affect the conjunctiva of the eye, which is a transparent layer to provide a complete protection to the eyelid. If you are experiencing the symptoms of foreign objects in your eye, you should immediately look for a prompt diagnosis and treatment, instead of removing by yourself. Our experienced optometrists in Hialeah administer a slew of diagnosis procedure to check if the object has entered your eyeball. We use an anesthetic eye drop to remove the object gently.

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It is always a good idea to see an eye doctor in Miami if you are experiencing the symptoms of foreign body in your eyes. Any sharp object may cause serious injuries if you remove it by yourself. Book an appointment today to seek immediate medical attention. We have advanced diagnostic tools to diagnose the eye problems immaculately, which helps us to administer proper treatment in good time. Ignoring the symptoms of foreign body in your eyes may lead to loss of vision or other eye problems. Do call our office in Miami to book an appointment.

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