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If you are planning to get contact lenses, the most important thing you need to do is to find an experienced eye doctor who does a comprehensive eye examination before fitting a contact lens. It needs to be fitted correctly by a qualified optometrist. At Express Vision Care, our skilled opticians give the best eye care experience in a comfortable environment. One of the early procedures in a contact lens consultation is to talk over your lifestyle and health conditions that would help you choose a perfect contact lens that suits you best.


Everyone has different preferences and requirements, as some people prefer wearing contact lenses on some specific occasions. It is gaining popularity with the patients because of the flexibility it gives every patients. If you want to use contact lens instead of glasses, it is utterly crucial to make sure the lenses are comfortable, safe, and hygiene. Our contact lens exam consists of a complete eye exam to diagnose your eye health, general vision prescription, and a measurement to choose suitable lenses for your eyes. Whether you are experiencing vision problems or not, it is necessary to meet the eye doctor Miami to make sure your eyes are healthy.

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Our optometrists in Miami are just a phone call away to help you find the best contact lenses that suit your unique requirements. We offer a complete contact lens exam to find out accurate measurements of your pupil, evaluation of cornea, and eye health problems that might affect the comfort of wearing lenses. Before you leave, our experienced opticians ensure that you know how to insert or remove the lenses safely and comfortably. We also educate our patients on the dos’ and don’ts while wearing the lenses.

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