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If you have reached your 40s and you have started feeling trouble reading books or adjusting your focus on computer screen, this is the time to consult an eye doctor. According to the optometrists in North Miami Beach, people generally start developing presbyopia, also known as “aging eye,” when they enter their 50s. It happens so because the eyes’ lenses slowly harden, therefore, you feel difficulty in focusing on the things around you. Most of the people face presbyopia when they are unable to read newspapers or on the internet. In this condition, you need multifocal lenses. But you don’t need to settle for ugly bifocals—progressive lenses are the best option for you.


Those who require multifocal lenses to focus on the objects should go for progressive lenses. They help the people look at the things clearly without using a bifocal line. It is not only recommended for addressing aging eye, it also addresses astigmatism. Using the multifocal design of progressive lenses can offer many advantages such as: it removes image jump; it helps the people look at any object clearly from any distance; it gives a young-looking appearance. We, at Express Vision Care, help our patients choose the best option based on their unique visual needs. Our experienced eye doctors Miami also help the patients how to quickly become accustomed with the progressive lenses.

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We are here to help you start seeing better with the best multifocal lenses. We listen to our patients carefully to understand their vision needs. Before you select a particular one, we make sure you are well aware of its pros and cons. For the best clarity and comfort, our opticians offer you useful tips based on the comprehensive eye exam. Do contact us today to schedule an appointment and know more about the options available to you.

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