Blue Light Effect on Eyes

Blue Light Effects On Eyes


The amount of time we spend with electronic gadgets is increasing day by day. We are surrounded by so many devices that make the things easier and more convenient in our life. But we must be worried about the blue light streaming into our eyes through different gadgets like smart phones, tablets, LED screens, CFL bulbs, and others. Sunlight is the largest source of blue light, therefore an individual has the highest exposure to it when he/she is out of the house. However, the risk of being exposed to artificial blue light is more hazardous than being exposed to the natural source. Optometrists in Miami suggest to cut the screen time to mitigate the possibility of eye problems.


Your eye has a protective structure with cornea and lens that protect the retina from harmful lights. But the protective guard is not able to stop blue light from penetrating the retina. It may damage vision, and also could affect the eyes severely in case of long-time exposure to screens. Many studies conclude that the too much exposure to blue light may lead to digital eyestrain and retina damage. Kids are more sensitive to blue lights until the age of 15 because their eyes are not completely developed. According to the pediatric optometrists in North Miami, the crystalline lens is delicate and transparent in kids’ eyes, so the risks of developing eye problems are higher in children.

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Reducing exposure to the rays is all you need to do if you don’t want to experience any eye problems. However, if you cannot manage without working on your laptop or mobile phone, you should consider consulting an eye doctor. Searching ‘optometrists near me’ may give you so many results, but you should go for the best one only. We at Express Vision Care, have a team of experienced eye doctors who can help you protect your eyes from blue lights. Our optometrists provide a range of anti-blue light products that suit your requirements. Call us today to book an appointment with our experienced eye doctor.

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